StripX Film Adhesive Remover

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Product Description


STRIPX™ is a robust water-based formulation designed to remove excess adhesive left over from film removal. The heavy viscosity formula allows the product to cling to the glass to more efficiently remove the adhesive and remain drip free while leaving no residue. After applying the product, the softened adhesive comes off quickly and easily with no harmful or flammable solvents left behind.


STRIPX™ is designed to be used as is with no dilution required. Before using product, protect all interior surfaces to prevent contact with product, as product may cause discoloration or fading of these materials. Spray STRIPX™ on the glass containing the adhesive and let it sit for at least thirty seconds to allow product to soften adhesive. Before wiping the softened adhesive off the glass, a glass safe abrasive pad may be needed to further loosen the adhesive.