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  • GT2064 - Enforcer II

    The TM1000 Enforcer II is a light weight and pocket sized automotive tint meter. It comes equipped with a coin cell battery that will last for up to 2500 uses...
  • GT967 - SP1065 Digital BTU Solar Power Meter

    This wide spectrum digital meter measures solar radiant energy intensity directly transmitted through glass (or the film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot per hour or watts per...
  • GT2035 - Tint-Chek TC1800 Automotive Meter

    Measures visible light transmission (VLT) on roll down windows. A smaller meter that fits comfortably into a shirt pocket. Tremendous reliability, ignoring ambient light. Calibrated to a NIST traceable standard....
  • GT2020 - Heat Sheet Demo Card

    Vibrantly changes color when it encounters heat. To demonstrate heat blocking capabilities of your glass or film, use the Demo Card in combination with a heat lamp. Does not include...
  • GT2019 - Heat Sheet Acrylic Stand

    Used to hold your Heat Sheet Demo Card in place to show heat transfer. Does not include heat sheet.
  • GT239 - Tint Chek Pro (TC3800) Automotive Meter

    Measures visible light transmission (VLT) on roll down windows. Includes ALL the benefits of the TC1800 (GT2035) plus features a back-lit LCD display making it much easier to read in low...
  • GT982 - Spectrum Detective Meter

    Displays three ratings at a time: UV, Visible Light, and Infrared transmission values. Carrying case included. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included). Glass samples not included.
  • GT978 - Laser Thermometer

    Reads temperatures of solid surfaces. Demonstrate difference once window film is applied to glass with new reading of solid surface. Not to be used on glass. Powered by a 9-volt...
  • GT977 – UV and Solar Dual Transmission Meter

    Combines the popular features of the GT973 & GT968 into one simple to use meter.
  • GT976 - Glass Sample Set

    Conduct your sales demonstration effectively by including glass samples to help illustrate the benefits of film over standard glass. Includes 2 clear single pane, 2 clear IG and 2 low-E...
  • GT975 - Strengthened Glass Detector

    Allows user to confirm if glass has been strengthened. The detector can test single panes of glass or multiple panes in a window at a single time, and from a...
  • GT974-Soft - Professional Meter Sales Kit with Case

    Our UV and Solar Sales Presentation Kit offers a single source for convenient and convincing sales demonstrations. Kit includes: GT968 Digital BTU & Trans-Meter, GT962 Heat Lamp Unit, GT973 UV...
  • GT973 – UV Sentry Meter

    Position the meter facing the UV source, such as sunlight or a heat lamp (GT962), and turn the meter on. Place various materials between the meter and the UV source...
  • GT971 - Soft Case

    Soft-sided case with strap for meter storage and transport.
  • GT969 - Toughened Glass Indicator

    Used to determine which, if any, panes in a window unit are heat-treated. Knowing this allows use of films that would otherwise be inappropriate on regular annealed glass. Full set...
  • GT968 - SP2065 Solar Transmission & Power Meter

    Use this meter to evaluate solar performance. It provides excellent resolution, reading low light conditions more accurately than competitors, with no need for adjustments. The easy to read digital display...
  • GT963 - U.V. Light Source Lamp

    Excellent tool to demonstrate, measure or show how much U.V. window films keep out. Powered by 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (NOT included).
  • GT962 - Heat Lamp Unit

    Great tool for tabletop presentations. Powered by 110 volt power cord. (Plug in)
  • GT961 - Insulated Glass Thickness and Gap Gauge

    Used to measure glass and air space thickness in sealed insulating glass units. Laser reflections off the surfaces of glass appear on the graduated scale of the gauge allowing you...
  • GT960 - Low-E Coating Detector

    Detects the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (Low-E) used on energy efficient single and dual pane glass. Never requires calibration. Powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (included).
  • GT238 - TM2000 Inspector II

    The TM2000 Inspector II is the newest in two piece light meter technology allowing you to measure ALL windows on vehicles with auto calibration accurate to within +/-2%. This meter...
  • GT2036 - Tint-Chek + TC2800 Automotive Meter

    Measures visible light transmission (VLT) on roll down windows. Includes ALL the benefits of the TC1800 (GT2035) plus features a back-lit LCD display making it much easier to read in low...
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