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  • GT085 - White Scrub Pad

    Great for cleaning windows prior to installation and prepping dot matrix areas.
  • GT027NT - NT Pro A1 "Red Dot" Knife

    Regarded by many installers as the finest professional knife available. The blade can be advanced in 1/2 segment increments for precision control. Right or left hand use. Now includes a...
  • GT116 - Olfa AB50S Stainless Steel Snap Blades

    Pack of 50. The industry standard when it comes to snap blades for film and pattern cutting. Thirteen cutting edges per blade. Use in most standard duty knives.
  • GT1070 - Platinum Smart Cardz

    The modern version of the hard card squeegee, only better! 25% wider than a hard card, with a tapered tip, comfortable grip and thin squeegee edge make it the smartest...
  • GT083 - Lil Chizler

    Ideal for removing decals, film or adhesive from sensitive surfaces. Use for pressing down small film creases or air bubbles. The White Chizzler is slightly larger, has thicker edges and...
  • GT2043N - Tri-Edge Plus

    Tri-Edge is the new standard in the industry. Tri-Edge Plus features a rubber squeegee edge. (Hardness is in order of softest to hardest: Blue, Yellow, Orange)
  • GT140 - 1" Single Edge Blades

    Use in any 1" blade holder. #9 Carbon steel single edge blade, non-rust aluminum back. (.009"/.2286mm) Pack of 100.
  • GT200PLT - EZ Reach Ultra Platinum (Hard)

    If you like the Original EZ Reach, you are going to love Ultra! Is is exactly the same except the hole has been removed to make it stronger and the...
  • GT205 - The Bulldozer I (Automotive)

    Allows you to get to those hard to reach areas, such as behind speakers, brake lights, low angles, and rear windows. Features a 6" squeegee blade and is 15" in...
  • GT2003 - Original EZ Reach Gold (Flex-Firm)

    Stop cutting down hard card squeegees and use this versatile tool instead. These triangular cards with flat edges are perfect for putting down those little corners of film in hard...
  • GT2063B - Tri-Edge X Blue

    Tri-Edge is now premiering the Tri-Edge X. The angles have been recalculated and extended into a bigger tool. All the durability and quality of the Tri-Edge tool is now made...
  • GT212 - 1" Neon Mini Scraper

    Holds 1" single edge blade. Use with GT140, GT140-12 & GT137.
  • GT086BLK - Hard Card

    Black hard card.
  • GT086BLU - Hard Card

    Blue hard card.
  • GT209 - The Scrubber

    Used to reach behind speakers and brake lights. Scrub away adhesive along the bottom edges of sloped rear windows. Uses replaceable standard White Scrub Pads (GT085) cut 2" x 3"....
  • GT2042B - Tri-Edge Blue

    Tri-Edge is the new standard in the industry. Tri-Edge Plus features a rubber squeegee edge. (Hardness is in order of softest to hardest: Blue, Yellow, Orange)
  • GT137 - 1" Single Edge Stainless Steel Blades

    Use in any 1" blade holder. Stainless steel, uncoated. (.009"/.23mm) Pack of 100.
  • GT194 - Gasket Push Stick

    Gasket push stick.
  • GT1042 - Titan Squeegee-Red

    The Titan is made with the same plastic used to make bullet proof glass. This allows more strength and rigidity. The overall length is 14 3/4" which allows a longer...
  • GT207 - Side Swiper with Blade

    A great tool for the lower edge of rear windows and behind brake lights. Use GT118-6 as a replacement blade.
  • GT202 - The Conquerer Squeegee

    The Conqueror Yellow is the original corner reach tool. Features a soft squeegee blade along one edge and pointed hard card tips on the ends making it a versatile staple...
  • GT138Hyde - Hyde 1" Razor Scraper

    Retractable safety scraper; intermediate blade position keeps the blade from sliding out while in use.
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